Our mission is to create an excellent experience for both child and parent through  
activities that stimulate mental physical and emotional development in a child.  

Below are our range of activities that we offer. Also, click on the timtable button to  
download the pdf of the same to check the timings and book your place now.
Piano Lessons

Research suggests that piano lessons can potentially raise a child’s IQ  
level by three points. It trains parts of the brain useful in mathematics,  
spatial intelligence and other intellectual quests.  

Our teacher will prepare students for performances, recital,  
competitions or assessments to achieve ABRSM certificates from Level  
1 up-to Level 8.  

They will also ensure that lectures to students on topics such as  
effective piano techniques, interpretation of literature, music  
fundamentals, & music history are prepared and delivered.
Little Gymnasts
Kids Yoga
Dinky Dancers
Dancing Champs
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