Our mission is to create an excellent experience for both child and parent through  
activities that stimulate mental physical and emotional development in a child.  

Below are our range of activities that we offer. Also, click on the timtable button to  
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Kids Yoga

Children are natural yogis! Not only are their bodies extremely flexible,  
their souls are full of energy and creativity - enabling them to grow both  
physically and mentally faster than at any other time in their life.  
Yoga is the most precious tool you can give to your child to help them  
interact positively with the world around them and develop optimally in
all areas during these precious early years.

It's no wonder India's Prime Minister Modi is aiming to make Yoga part of the National Curriculum in schools!  

Key Benefits of Yoga for Children:
> improves their concentration and focus
> builds their self-esteem and confidence
> sharpens their memory
> teaches them to think positively
> keeps their immune system strong and healthy
> stimulates creativity and expression
> develops their co-ordination, balance, strength, and flexibility
> facilitates their interpersonal and communication skills
> helps them become inwardly calm and grounded
> its a lot of FUN!

At Cheeky Champs, our Chi Kri Yoga classes for 5 - 10 year olds are run by Gold Standard Chi Kri Yoga Teacher  
Sheena Shah who has a keen understanding of Child Development through her Psychology degree at  
Warwick University. Click here to find out more about Sheena through her website: www.yogawithsheena.com.  
The yoga classes will have fun Disney themes and soundtracks that will keep your child smiling throughout  
- in a Lion King Yoga class for example, your child will fly as Zazu in Pigeon Pose, hiss through the grass  
in Cobra Pose, roar like Simba in Lion Pose, stand tall in Mountain Pose in Pride Rock, and finally relax deeply  
and meditate under the twinkling stars in the night sky.  
On top of that, your child will also learn simple Pranayama (breathing techniques) that not only enormously improves  
their lung capacity and functioning, but also teach them to calm down their mind and nervous system at will.  
So don't wait any longer - give us a call today and book your little one in for a yoga class!  
Little Gymnasts
Kids Yoga
Dinky Dancers
Dancing Champs
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