Our mission is to create an excellent experience for both child and parent through  
activities that stimulate mental physical and emotional development in a child.  

Below are our range of activities that we offer and click on the pdf to download the  
timetable and book your place now.
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For those who are unfamiliar with it, Wu means military, Shu stands for skills therefore WuShu means Martial  
Arts in Chinese language. Our WuShu instructors strive to install the below beliefs in your child’s developing  
body and mind:

     1. Peacefulness
     2. Loyalty
     3. Obedience
     4. Patience
     5. Courage
     6. Etiquette
     7. Modesty
     8. Honesty
     9. Purity
   10. Self-Control

These beliefs will help and guide your child to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Wushu is divided into two main categories:  
1. Taolu
This category involves a competitor performing a routine of bare hand movements and they are given a score  
for their
performance based on difficulty, speed, power, martial spirit, etc.  

2. Sanshou  
This is free fighting under controlled conditions utilising practical Wushu technique against an opponent -  
pretend punches, kicks, sweeps and throws are used to score points.